Susumu Koyama, Winner of 2014 “Excellence Chocolatier Etranger” Award, Announces New Selection “SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2015” at SALON DU CHOCOLAT PARIS.
The theme of this latest selection is “DESTINY - Fated Connection.” It consists of four types of bon-bon chocolate created from a totally new approach and demonstrating Koyama’s feeling that the various individual “couverture” and ingredients he has encountered in his creations over the years are linked together by a sense of destiny.

 In recent years, while Japanese ingredients such as yuzu citrus fruit are being used more in dishes and sweets, there have also been an increasing number of Japanese chocolatiers participating in SALON DU CHOCOLAT. Koyama, who is one of the pioneers of introducing Japanese ingredients into the world of chocolate, will be participating in SALON DU CHOCOLAT for the fifth time in 2015. Don’t miss the chance to experience the innovative and delicious creations of this Japanese chocolate master, and discover the unique gourmet world of Koyama!
Also, at the request of the SALON DU CHOCOLAT organizers, Koyama will be holding a seminar on “White Chocolate” from 1 pm on October 30, as well as a demonstration on making white chocolate from a Japanese perspective from 1 pm on November 1.

Since he first participated in the contest of France’s premier club for chocolate devotees, “C.C.C.,” in 2011, Koyama was awarded the first prize for four years in a row. Moreover, he was also awarded the “Excellence Chocolatier Etranger” in 2014 (award for best foreign chocolatier until 2012), which is only given to chocolatiers who receive a perfect score from the whole C.C.C. judging panel, becoming the first three-time double award winner from Japan. The judges even dubbed him an “alchemist of taste.”

20th anniversary SALON DU CHOCOLAT This Year’s Theme World Heritage

Up until now, I have traveled to many cocoa-producing regions around the world and encountered all kinds of cocoa. There are over 90 kinds of “couverture” in “es koyama,” and this year’s theme came to me as I was choosing among them according to my own interests, such as “I want to match with cassis” or “I want to use this kind of cocoa.” While probing into the things which interest me through encounters with producing regions and ingredients, I have now reached the stage where my relationship with chocolate has continued over many years. From this are born these four chocolates. While they do not mark a great departure from my approach as a chocolatier, I feel that the link between these four chocolates represents a “fated connection” of encounters that were meant to be.

Reference: Forthcoming developments These four chocolates are the latest chapter in the continuing Koyama story. And through the assistance of various creators, this story is also set to evolve into new forms, such as music and picture books. The aim is to get people to experience the widening possibilities of chocolates through a completely different approach.


【 Susumu Koyama’s Profile 】

Born into a family of confectioners in Kyoto in 1964, he opened “Patissier es koyama” in Sanda city, Hyogo Prefecture in 2003. He holds various events to present his creations in Japan and around Asia, and also holds talks concerning the source of his inspiration, his basic ideology and above all, teaching children about taste. Each year, he visits the cocoa producing country of Ecuador, Madagascar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Columbia, on a mission to encounter new varieties of cocoa.
He has participated in SALON DU CHOCOLAT in Paris since 2011, and was awarded 5 Tablets of “Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat” (C.C.C.) and recognized as the “Best Foreign Chocolatier” in 2011 and 2012. In 2014, he also received the “Tablet d’or + ★” and “Best Foreign Chocolatier” award, being lauded as an “alchemist of taste.”
At the Milan Expo in July 2015, he gave a talk to a large audience of international media, chefs and members of the public.